The best new years eve cocktail recipe: New Year’s Eve Delight

If you’re looking to spice things up this year with a new drink to ring in the new year, give our New Year’s Eve Delight cocktail a try! Its sophisticated yet slightly sour and has a lemony after-taste to freshen up your senses! The cream soda really mellows it out and allows the other tastes to come forward while keeping you in the cozy holiday mood!

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Peppermint Cookie Recipe – Prancer’s Party

Prancer’s Party Candy Cane Cocoa Cookies This Holiday season we’re leaning towards over-doing it on tradition! We thought we would share this fun recipe with you guys to bring a little cheer into your homes as well! These Prancer’s Party Candy Cane Cocoa Cookies are a variation on the typical peppermint cookie that is sure […]

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