How to Throw a Puppy Birthday Party!

It’s your pup’s birthday, and you don’t know what to do! Don’t worry; we have you covered; all you have to do is throw a puppy birthday party! Puppies love birthdays just as much as people do. Puppies have feelings, too, so make sure that they’re happy on their big day. You can celebrate Puppy’s […]

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The Best Fall Cider Bourbon Squeeze Recipe

Looking for a Fall Cider Bourbon Squeeze Recipe? Bottoms up! This year we’ve been jamming on this super simple 3 ingredient Cider Bourbon Squeeze cocktail! It’s perfect for those crispy fall evening and is a sure-fire way to warm you up for an evening of Netflix! We’ve seen a few different bourbon recipes floating around […]

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Killer Movie Giveaway

Spooky movie season is upon us and ironically the year of 2020 has been scarier than any movie we’ve ever seen! So, this year should be a walk in the park when it comes to scary movie marathons. Let’s embrace the moment and carpe diem the hell out of the Netflix killer movies category. We […]

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A new way to trick or treat
– You’ve been boozed

“You’ve been boozed” is an activity thats fun for young and old. It’s pretty simple actually, all you have to do is put together a little care package of sorts and leave it on your neighbors porch in ding-dong-ditch fashion.

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Can Halloween Be Canceled?!
9 reasons why it’s not

This year has been quite the year so far, and its not over just yet! Can Halloween be canceled as we know it? Here are a few new ways to celebrate!

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How to express your love to someone remotely

Whether it’s a birthday of your loved one, holiday party or anniversary of your special day, every party brings its excitement along with it and we go in depth on how to express your love to someone remotely. Normally parties are celebrated at special venues or some hotel but with those sort of not available […]

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Five must-try summer cocktail recipes

Check out these Five must-try summer cocktail recipes! This year, we are spicing things up a bit with five of our favorite cocktail recipes that keep us smiling all summer long. From grapefruit & grenadine, to fresh mints and cucumber, we’ve got quite the range for any occasion you might be considering. We’ve carefully crafted […]

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